Bittersweet Melody
A Damaged Souls Novel
Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: To Be Announced

Cooper Hensley is the perfect front man for the Damaged Souls. After returning from his time as a Marine, all he wants is to bury himself into the rock and roll lifestyle with music, alcohol, and one night stands. Chasing sweet oblivion to numb his pain, nothing can rattle his carefully guarded heart . . . that is until Caylee Sawyer comes looking for the man she believes a hero. What she finds instead is someone broken, someone who needs to forgive himself and move on, someone who affects her so completely, she can't walk away. But can she convince him to lower his guard long enough for her to claim his heart? And when he does, will she be prepared for the consequences?


"They say there's a consequence to everything. Each choice and action made can either make or break you--in my case, it's left me with a gaping hole that I fill every day with guilt, shame, and regret. I should've saved him. I could've. But I didn't. Sometimes late at night when my demons haunt me, I wish I could go back. Back to when I was that naive, punk kid who thought the world was full of rainbows and butterflies. Back to where my soul didn't feel so strained and broken. But I can't. I have to live with my failures. And it doesn't matter how hard I run, there's no escaping my guilt."
Jagged Edges
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: To Be Announced

They say that living is easy, but for Sydney London, each breath she takes feels like agony. Weighed down by a grief that all but shattered her young heart, her father sends her to live with his sister, hoping a different environment will re-ignite her enthusiasm for life.

Knowing she needs to, Sydney struggles with letting go of the past, the painful scars slow to fade. When Adam Stone approaches with his confident smile and easy going personality, she takes one look at him and shrinks away. Everything about him screams danger--from his messy hair, ripped jeans, and lip ring. He wants friendship, but his eyes tell Sydney he wants something more, something she can't ... won't ever give another person again.

The heart does interesting things when we least expect it, softening when all we want is to keep ourselves protected. Can Sydney keep Adam at arm's length? Or will he get close enough to see all her jagged edges?
Blood Oath
#8 in the Mystic Wolves series
Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy
Release Date: To Be Announced

His life for hers.

No truer words were spoken.

Charged by the Fates to relive his darkest moments to date, Devlin willing sacrifices any future happiness to restore Darcy’s faith in him.  Having watched over her from birth, Devlin never regretted the blood oath he made his sister, Elynor, over a hundred years earlier.

But as he returns some of the most painful memories he holds—ones that shroud the mystery of his conversion to becoming a vampire, will he have the courage to stay true to his promises? Or will the savagery that marks his soul finally claim him?

Only time will tell.